Exam anxiety and how to deal with it

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2 min readFeb 24, 2023

Tina woke up all sweaty and wept till no more tears would come out. It was her exam day, and she just could not calm down. It took a lot of convincing to get her to the exam center.

Does your kid experience something like this during the exam season?
This phenomenon is exam anxiety and it can harm self-esteem at a pivotal age.

Here are a few things you can do as a parent to help your kids deal with exam anxiety:

Ask them the “what” and “why” questions.
Enquire about what your kids’ initial reaction is when they see the test. What is the major trigger that causes them anxiety? Asking your kids such questions will help you address their issues based on facts rather than assumptions.

Help your kids tackle test-taking basics.
Experience is the best teacher. Run your kids through a question paper and help them strategize how they can manage their time during the exam.

Encourage positive self-talk.
Anxiety can harm one’s confidence and triggers negative thoughts like “ I am useless” and “I am good for nothing.” Keep telling your children positive words of affirmation like “YOU can do it”. Keep reminding them that an exam is not the end of things and does not define their self-worth.

Supplement your kid’s confidence
You can supplement your kid’s confidence by encouraging activities like outdoor play. It helps strengthen the child’s resolve and takes their mind off anxious thoughts.

Teach your kids relaxation techniques.
Visualization is a great way to help kids relax since children often have an overactive imagination. Tell them to imagine a place that they find safe and ask them to take deep breaths till they seem to calm down and can focus well.

Speak to their educators.
Kids spend a lot of time at school and it can be called their second home. Their teachers can help you understand how kids deal with exam anxiety and look out for your kids’ during this time.

An exam that lasts for a couple of hours cannot define kids. Having conversations and enabling your kids with measures to deal with anxiety can make the otherwise horrible experience of taking an exam far less daunting. A sensitive ear and a reassuring voice might make all the difference. Book a session with our child counselor and find the right help you need to ease your kids jittery nerves.



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