What is Delayed Gratification

Every parent saves for their child’s education, and most of the time they have to give up on some important things to make that larger goal come true, this is delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification means resisting the temptation of an immediate reward, in anticipation that there will be a greater reward later. It’s a powerful tool for learning to live your life with purpose.

You might be wondering how to teach your child delayed gratification, who wants to have every shiny thing they see on TV or on their mobile phones, and are only one click away from getting them?

Prioritize: don’t buy your child the first toy they see, make them choose the one they really want and set that as their goal.

Chores: Good Good piggy has age-appropriate task lists that consist of normal daily-life chores that are already part of their environment, which can be used as a way of earning their allowance.

Saving: They can save the money in their Good Good Piggy wallet for their set out goal instead of buying little things today. For eg, they can either buy a 10rs chocolate today or they can save it for later to buy their favorite toy.

Reward: It is also important to reward them for their patience for eg, not asking for a toy at the Toy Store or not eating all of their chocolate in one go. This positive reinforcement can help to strengthen the practice of self-control.

Delayed gratification not only helps them become goal-oriented in their life but also focuses on their needs and not their wants in general.

It is crucial for them to adopt the idea of delayed gratification, as it helps to avoid instant gratification. It builds a level of patience and financial discipline as well


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